Take our WordPress Website Design Training.

Learn how to build a beautiful and professional website in 5 Days.

Absolute beginner-friendly | Online training | No coding skills required.



Are you looking for Online Website Design Training?

Do you want to learn how to build a professional website for your business or work place?

Do you want to earn a living by building websites for Companies and Organizations?

Do you want to start your own Website Design Business?

If yes, then you are at the RIGHT PLACE.

Our WordPress Training Course is a beginner friendly online training.

In this training course, we will teach you all about WordPress and walk you through every single step from installation to finished website.

The primary goal of this WordPress website design training course is to teach anyone, even a complete novice with zero knowledge of website design, how to become a WordPress Website Designer in a very short time.

After taking this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to build a beautiful, professional, and responsive WordPress website that looks great on all devices.

The best part is that you'll be building websites without learning how to code and without any previous knowledge of web programming. How awesome!!!

You literally don’t need to have any prior knowledge of web technologies to join this web design training.

All you need is a working knowledge on how to use a laptop or desktop computer, and how to surf the internet.


In this WordPress Website Design Training, you'll learn how to:

  • Install and run WordPress locally on your computer

  • Migrate WordPress Website from your computer to a web host

  • Install WordPress on a Web Hosting Environment

  • Buy a domain name

  • Buy a web hosting plan

  • Install and customize WordPress Themes

  • Install and manage WordPress Plugins

  • Create and manage pages and posts

  • Set up menus

  • Manage users

  • Set up an online shop

  • Set up online payments

  • Set up a blog

  • Set up contact form

  • Set up newsletter signup form

  • Set up online chat

  • Set up push notification

  • Protect your WordPress website from viruses, hackers and spammers

  • Design logo and banners for your WordPress website


  • Working Computer (Laptop/Desktop)

  • Web Browser (Chrome/FireFox/Opera/Safari)

  • Internet Connectivity (Modem/Mifi/Mobile HotSpot)

  • No coding skill required

  • No prior knowledge of WordPress


  • 5 Online Classes: You can attend the class from anywhere in the world.

  • Access to recorded classes after the training.

  • Access to 1 month mentorship program on our membership website and Telegram Group.

  • Build your own personal or business website by the end of this training.

  • Learn to build and manage websites for companies/organizations or for your current employer.

  • Certificate of completion.


WordPress Training