Our E-commerce website design promo features:

  • 1 Free logo for your business/company
  • Mobile friendly e-commerce website design
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Online payment integration
  • Social media accounts creation & integration
  • We upload 50 initial products for you.
  • We provide a Video user guide.
  • 30 Days Support/Maintenance
e-commerce website design promo
  • Do you sell clothing for men, women, children and babies?

  • Are you a fashion designer and would like to showcase and sell your products online?

  • Do you sell food stuff like rice, beans, yams, etc. ?

  • Do you run a restaurant or you sell cooked food from home?

  • Do you sell electronics like Television sets, Home Theatre sets etc.?

  • Do you own/run an interior decor business and you sell interior decor items?

  • Do you sell mobile phones, tablets, & assesories?

  • Do you sell laptops, desktops and other computers and assessories?

  • Do you sell skin care products like creams, lotions, soaps etc. ?

  • Do you sell cosmetic products?

  • Do you sell organic products like carrot oil, coconut oil, etc. ?

  • Do you own/manage a pharmacy where you sell precription drugs like Anti-malaria, Anti-biotics products etc. ?

  • Do you want to reach more customers and exponentially increase your sales?

If your answer to any of the questions above is YES, then you need an E-COMMERCE WEBSITE ASAP.

What is an E-commerce Website.


An E-commerce website is simply a website from where people can buy and sell products and services online.

With an ecommerce website, you can display and sell your products to potential customers online.

It is like having you entire physical store on the internet.


Why You Need an E-commerce Website?

Over the past decade, the internet has greatly changed the way customers interact with businesses. Customers are now loving the convenience of online shopping more and more.

Rather than spending hours searching in physical stores, shoppers are now making purchases over the Internet during breaks at work, before the school run, in harsh weather conditions, and at other times when they are unable to go to a physical store.

E-commerce websites have made it easy for everyone including busy parents, and workers, to search, compare, and buy the products and services they need online without the hassle of going to a physical store.

With an e-commerce website, your business can experience unprecedented growth by reaching these customers who are actively looking for your products/services. This ultimately increases your sales, and you will no longer loose customers to your competitors.

Benefits of E-commerce Website

  • Low Set-up Cost: It is without a doubt, much cheaper, easier and faster to launch and sell your products and services on an e-Commerce website compared to setting up a physical store as business owners do not have to take into consideration the high expenses of shop rental, security measures, utility bills and a large team of staff. This ultimately enables to sell your products at competitive prices.

  • No Geographical Limitation: A physical store limits your business to a specific geographical location but an online store exposes your business to customers wherever they are in the world. 

  • 24/7 Access: Your customers enjoy the round-the-clock convenience of being able to purchase the products they want, at their own convenient time. You won’t lose out on sales with an online shop that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, compared to regular store hours. This means that you make sales even while your physical store/office is closed, and even while you are asleep. Awesome right?.

  • Visibility: Shoppers start the product/service hunt online, so having an e-commerce website puts you right in-front of ready buyers.

  • Products Accessibility: On an e-commerce website, it is easier for customers to search for products/service by clicking through the navigation menu links or by using a search box to narrow down their product search immediately. Some websites even remember customer preferences and shopping lists to facilitate repeat purchase.

  • Zero Travel Time/Cost: You eliminate the travel time and cost it would take for customers to come to your physical store to buy your products/services

  • With an E-Commerce website, you can run your business from home.

  • You can hire employees from anywhere in the world

  • You can start your business small and scale up.

  • Online Marketing: With an e-commerce website, you can attract new customers and make more sales by leveraging online advertising and marketing. This is so effective because online marketing is affordable, targeted, effective and measurable.

  • Data Analytics: You can collect both personal and analytics data and gain valuable insight on your customers/visitors and how to scale your business.

  • Discounts: You can offer deals, discounts and coupons

  • Product Comparison: You can provide comparison shopping experience for your customers

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Nowadays potential buyers go to the Internet to shop around and make decisions on what they want to buy and where to buy it from. Having your products displayed on your e-commerce website with relevant content/information will increase the chance of sales as you will be able to show customers why your product is right for them.

E-Commerce Website Design Packages

For small businesses
11 - 20 Pages
1 Year Free Domain Name Registration
1 Year Free Web Hosting
Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design
Easy to use Content Management System
Online Shop (up to 150 products)
Online Payment Integration
Blog/Updates/Latest News
Contact Form
Home Page Sliders
On-Page SEO
Search Engine Submission
Social Media Profile Integration
Online Chat
10 Custom Email Addresses
1 Months Basic Support Plan
5 Revisions
Buy Now
For large businesses
Unlimited Pages
1 Year Free Domain Name Registration
1 Year Free VPS Hosting Server
1 Month Free Advert on Google
Free Android & iOS WebView Mobile App
Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design
Easy to use Content Management System
Online Shop (up to 1000 products)
Online Payment Integration
Multi-Vendor Feature?
Refer & Earn Feature
Blog/Updates/Latest News
Contact Form
Home Page Sliders
On-Page SEO
Search Engine Submission
Social Media Profile Creation & Customization
Social Media Profile Integration
Google Map Listing
Business Directory Listing
Newsletter Signup Integration
Online Chat
Unlimited Web Push Notifications
Unlimited Custom Email Addresses
3 Months Premium Support Plan
Video Training Manual
Unlimited Revisions
Buy Now


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Frequently asked questions about our E-commerce Website Design Package

How will I handle changes to the website after hand over?

We will send you a short typed document on how to manage your website using the content management system, this helps you to manage the website easily going forward

What is included in my website package?

Apart from the website design, we give a free domain name (.com.ng or .com )and a hosting account for free for one year.

How about payment gateway integration?

We integrate PayStack for free for e-commerce websites. We, however, charge a flat integration fee of ₦50,000 for other payment gateways such as QuickTeller Webpay, GTPay, SimplePay, VoguePay, etc.

What about Contents?

You will be required to send in your content via a web design brochure which you will be required to fill. This content will be used for your website.

How long will it take to build and launch my new website?

The website design takes 15 working days after template approval.

What access do I have to my website?

You will be given full access to your website and you will also be given a technical guide at the end of the website design that will assist you manage your website.

Will I be able to add new features to my e-commerce website in future?

Yes, but any complex additions or changes may require the assistance of our developers at an extra cost.

Will my e-commerce website be mobile friendly?

Yes, the website will be mobile friendly as our websites come in with mobile optimization.

What am i to provide for the e-commerce website design?

You are to provide adequate information regarding your business. e.g Logo, website content, contact details etc. if you do not have a logo, we will create one for you.

How does the payment process work?

We accept one-off payment only

Do I have to choose a template for my website design?

Yes, depending on your type of website, you would be given a variety of website templates to pick from. Alternatively, you could also browse through the design library to pick a template that works for you.

What is Search Engine Submission?

This means we submit your website to Google to ensure your website is crawled fast and added to Google Index. This ensures your new website starts showing up faster in Google search results pages.

What is Social Media Profile Creation & Customization

This means we create social media profiles for your business/organization, and customize the profiles to ensure consistency in the design/appearance of your brand/business across your website and social media channels.

What is Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications is a technology that enables your website visitors to subscribe to receive these push notifications on their phones, tablets, and even desktop/laptops. When a new piece of content is published on your website, they immediately get a push notification with the link to the new product/service/article/news update.

What is Custom Email Address?

Customised email address is an email address with your website domain name. For example, if your website domain name is www.yourbusiness.com, we will create email addresses like [email protected], [email protected] etc. We can even use your staff names to create these emails

What does Website Maintenance/Support mean?

Here we provide support and content updates after we finish designing your website. The duration of the support depends on the website design package you choose.

After the initial maintenance/support period in your chosen package, you can then subscribe to one of our monthly website maintenance/support packages.

Video Training Manual

We create video training manuals to train you/your staff on how to post and manage content on your website.


Acken web is simply amazing. They are very professional and their services are affordable. They have developed 3 beautiful websites for me already.

ADENIKE EMIOLA / CEO, Niakk International Stores

Best web e-commerce website design company ever. I love my e-commerce website.

WINFRED KEN / CEO, Winreal Store

Acken Technologies is the coolest so far in all of my experience with web designers in Abuja. They built my e-commerce website promptly and professionally.

AKUDO ORJI / CEO, Akudo Store