We are Professional Web Designers in Abuja. We offer:

  • Website Design/Development/Maintenance
  • Website Management Services
  • Web Hosting
  • Social Media Management/Marketing
  • Google/YouTube Marketing
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Web Designers In Abuja Nigeria

Why Acken Technologies?

  • We are Professional Web Designers in Abuja.
  • We design/develop any kind of website/web application.
  • We deliver your project fast.
  • We deliver effective solutions to your business needs.
  • We offer free support/updates.
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Acken web is simply amazing. They are very professional and their services are affordable. They have developed 3 beautiful websites for me already.

ADENIKE EMIOLA / CEO, Niakk International Stores

All i can say is that i love my new website and logo. Even our clients have testified that BIRC website is simple, beautiful and mature. Thanks Acken Web


Acken Web has built 2 websites for me already. They are highly professional, fast and reliable. I can confidently recommend them to any one seeking to have a business website built

ANIEKAN ESSIEN / CEO, Ekanson Ventures


Frequently asked questions about our Website Design Packages

What are Web Pages

Web Pages are sections of a website that contain information about your business/organization, that hardly change like About Us, Vision, Mission, Team, Your Services, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Contact Information etc.

A domain name is a web address that enables you locate and visit a website. E.g www.yourbusiness.com.

A website is just like a house. A house has to be built on a land. The land should have an address to help people locate the house.

In this case, the House is the Website to be built, the Land is Web Hosting Server on the internet upon which the website will be built, while the Domain Name is the address that points people to the web hosting server where your website is hosted so they can access the website.

Without a domain name, people will not have a memorable and easy way of visiting your website.

A web hosting server is the computer on the internet where your website is built.

A mobile/tablet friendly website design is one that adapts to mobile devices like phones and tablets.

A content management system helps you organize and manage your website content effectively. We use WordPress Content Management System for most of our clients’ website because of it is easy for non-technical clients to use.

These are large sliding images placed on your homepage. They are used to direct users to important product categories or services in your website.

All the websites we build can contain unlimited number of products. But we upload an initial number of products to your website based on the website design package you choose.

After the initial products upload, you can always add more products by yourself. We provide training videos to help you achieve this.

Also, you can subscribe to one of our monthly website maintenance service packages so we can upload more products for you.

Online payment integration means we add an online payment processor on your website to enable you receive payment for your goods and services.

This is the section of your website where we display pictures of your business /organization/ events/   projects etc.

This is the website page used to display information like latest news about your business, products/services updates, educational articles to educate your clients, latest events etc.

This is a form that is placed on the contact page of your website. Prospective clients can send you an email message by filling the form.

On-Page SEO means optimizing every page of your website with keywords relevant to the page content. This increases your chances of ranking high in Google search result pages when people search for such keywords used to optimize your pages.

This means we submit your website to Google to ensure your website is crawled fast and added to Google Index. This ensures your new website starts showing up faster in Google search results pages.

This means we create social media profiles for your business/organization, and customize the profiles to ensure consistency in the design/appearance of your brand/business across your website and social media channels.

This means we integrate your profile links to your website so that your website visitors can easily find you on social media channels.

We also link your website to your social media accounts in such a way that your new content are automatically posted to your social profiles.

Google My Business is a business tool that helps you list your business information on Google. We create and customize your Google My Business profile.

We submit your business to Business Directories to attract more potential clients and to build backlinks to your website which improves your organic ranking on Google search result pages.

We set up a newsletter signup form on your website to help you collect email addresses from your website visitors. You can then start sending email messages about your business/products and services to convert your website visitors to paying customers.

Online Chat enables your website visitors to chat with you/your staff and get information about your business/products/services in real time while they are on your website.

It is a very cheap and effective means to convert website visitors to paying customers.

Web Push Notifications is a technology that enables your website visitors to subscribe to receive these push notifications on their phones, tablets, and even desktop/laptops. When a new piece of content is published on your website, they immediately get a push notification with the link to the new product/service/article/news update.

Customised email address is an email address with your website domain name. For example, if your website domain name is www.yourbusiness.com, we will create email addresses like [email protected], [email protected] etc. We can even use your staff names to create these emails

Here we provide support and content updates after we finish designing your website. The duration of the support depends on the website design package you choose.

After the initial maintenance/support period in your chosen package, you can then subscribe to one of our monthly website maintenance/support packages.

We create video training manuals to train you/your staff on how to post and manage content on your website.

Revisions refer to the number of times you can make changes/review your website while we are developing it. The number of revisions/changes you can make depends on the website design package you choose.

After developing your website, we advertise your products/services via Google Ads to get potential customers to your website. This helps kickstart sales on your website.


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